Vent de boulet: récits autour de la grande guerre - Sylvie Dubin
Merveilleusement écrit ce livre retrace la grande guerre  à travers différents récits et différents personnages.

Un véritable puzzle qui finit par se reconstituer pour achever une œuvre à la fois terrible par les faits et splendide par l'écriture.

Un livre sans complaisance ou l'humour côtoie l’horreur! À lire absolument lorsqu'on s'intéresse à l'histoire et lorsqu'on aime les "belles plumes”.

Catherine Chateau-Artaud


Lundi 4 Janvier 2016

Rediscover Jesus - Matthew Kelly
This book was offered to us by our church for Christmas. Very easy to read, it opens or reopens our eyes to some of the life's principles. Even if this book is written with a Christian angle, it could be read by all as it is about some founding principles of how to be better to others, how to be better with ourselves, how to appreciate life, how to welcome the unexpected situations, how to find inner peace.

In our fast moving times, it is good to sometimes step back and analyze our lives. Are we still aligned with what we want, who we are and our ethics? How is life always pulling us out from what we believe is right? How to handle this conflict between what our heart says and what we do actually do in life?

A lot of questions that this book is helping us to answer by giving us some perspectives. It is broken down in different questions and can give a perspective on one question only or you can go through the whole book for a refresh on what is right.

Vanina Delobelle

The Unfaithful Queen: A Novel of Henry VIII's Fifth Wife - Carolly Erickson
A flashback in the times, where Kings got all they wanted and girls were raised to please the kings. This is the story of the spirited Catherine Howard's life. From the beginning of her love life to the time she became queen and died, executed.

This book is engaging and shares a lot of Catherine's situations and dilemma. From the time she discovered love, to the punishments of her grand-mother, to her hopes and dreams. Then she meets the King, who wants to marry her because she reminds him so much her mother, who was one of his mistresses and who died giving birth to his child. The King, entering a war time, was trying to marry another girl in order to build an alliance. He was pressured to do so but knew the one he wanted was Catherine. He found all ways to get out from his engagement and finally marry Catherine.

Her life is dedicated to her husband with the only goal to give him a son. Her fears, lies and solutions to give birth are interesting. She is also waiting for her husband death (which she hoped was coming quickly) so she can start to have the life she wanted by marrying her lover Tom. It is also interesting to read the position of women at that time. For example, she was 16 and he was +50 but it was unbelievable from anybody that the issue of not being able to conceive a child was coming from the king, it was definitely coming from her. If she was not giving birth, she knew she could be rejected and the king could leave her, bringing disgrace to her entire family.

We also learn how her marriage is important to the entire family and what people are expecting from her. We learn about the behind the scene lives they had, where betrayals were common.

A nice book for who likes history.

Vanina Delobelle


Jeudi 15 Octobre 2015

What I know for sure - Oprah Winfrey
A book full of positivism! Oprah shares with us all her life's learning and how to see the life positively. A blend a fresh air and love!

She tells us a lot of things we can read in many motivational books but from her perspective and from her experience. She teaches us to follow our dreams, to appreciate the small things in life, to believe in miracles, to follow our heart, to surround ourselves with loving and positive people, to be grateful and how powerful we can be when we trust who we are.

Oprah is a successful woman but she tells us that it was not at no price and shares with us her stuggles, her fears, her stepbacks and how she overcame them. Life is not always joyful but it is up to us to believe that each struggle is an opportunity for us to learn something and that something better will happen after. She believes that bigger the struggle, bigger the learning and bigger the opportunity.

A small book (even in its format), easy to read, just to feel good and balance all the negative energy we are facing every day.

Vanina Delobelle

French Twist: An American Mom's Experiment in Parisian Parenting - Catherine Crawford
As a French mom living in the US, this book was very interesting for me. As I have my own vision of parenting as a French, having Catherine's vision on how an American is seeing French parenting was really enlightening.

In this book, Catherine is comparing French and American parenting but she is also admiring a lot of the French way. I did not know we were that good in the area as I always admired how confident are American kids since the early age!

This book helped me see my parenting in perspective and also appreciate my French side even more. When Americans sees us too rigid, actually, it is good! They do admire our way of being stronger in front of our children ( husband would argue with this as he believes I am too soft) and teach them more values by saying NO more often.

We, French, are tougher on our kids, as Catherine says, which results in a better behavior of our kids.

Just a side note of mine; in our home, we use a very old French way of making our kid copy 50 times the same sentence when he is misbehaving. The funny story is that his Social Studies teacher learned about this and started adopting this method in the classroom for kids who are talking too much. Who knew we could be examples somewhere besides cooking and fashion?

In the book, the author is praising how the French kids eat, know how to stay sited at the table, listen to adults without arguing, tidy their rooms and do not get spoiled with tons of toys at each occasion. To her, our parenting is the result of less chaos in the household and a better step for teaching our kids independence.

I love Catherine's admiration for the French parenting. I also believe she is putting it too high as many French parents can argue that their kids are always as obedient as they should be. As she is talking mainly about young kids in her book, I would love to read an evolution of the book when her kids are growing and how she is now comparing French and American parenting for teenagers!

Vanina Delobelle

Les décès arrivent toujours par trois - CC Tillery
Quel livre agréable à lire intéressant et émouvant! Il est gratuit en format Kindle!

L'histoire se déroule à la fin du XIX éme siècle en Caroline (Etats-Unis) avec comme héroïne une jeune fille dont la mère est Cherokee. Le père qui est chérif va amener la mort dans la maison avec un homme qu'il a tué dans l'exercice de sa fonction.

De là, plusieurs décès vont s'enchaîner ce qui va bouleverser la vie de toute la famille et particulièrement la jeune héroïne qui est l'aînée des enfants. Elle va apprendre beaucoup au côté de sa grand-mère Cherokee qui va lui donner toutes les recettes pour soigner avec les plantes et lui révéler l'histoire de son peuple.

Elle va découvrir l'amour, s'opposer à son père, qu'elle avait en adoration, dont elle va s'éloigner mais finira par comprendre qu'il n'est qu'un homme et pas un dieu.

A travers cette lecture on apprend les coutumes et croyances des indiens et des Américains de l'époque. l'histoire est très émouvante avec une jeune femme pleine d'amour et de bonté éprise de liberté et de savoir!

Catherine Chateau-Artaud


Mehndi Designs Coloring Book - Marty Noble
Adult coloring books has now its own shelf in the bookstores and are recognized as a new stress therapy. Coloring is helping for mindfulness by putting your full attention in coloring and getting your mind focused and cleared up from you daily stress. With such books you can actually have a lot of fun. Either you apply a pattern, or you go completely random or you do a phantom of colors, you can decide. You can start from the center and go to the outside or from the outside to the center of the design, as recommended by therapists, so that you keep getting into your inner thoughts and recenter your energy.

Can be used to relax, to concentrate for kids, or just because you like seeing the colors come together. You can go with Mandalas designs which is known thanks to the Buddhists monks, who can spend months and months building one with colored sand or you can go with a bit more variety and still reach the same results. I personally prefer when the lines of the design are thin so this book worked better for me but you can prefer thicker lines and enjoy it as much.

Some designs can take days. The goal is less the result than the journey. Just clear your head, relax and go back to your childhood for the best of what it offers: no stress!

Vanina Delobelle


Mardi 29 Septembre 2015

Le grand cœur - Jean-Christophe Ruffin
Un livre magnifiquement bien écrit qui retrace la vie de celui qui est devenu l'illustre Argentier de Charles VIi et qui a sans doute aimé sa maîtresse Agnès Sorel.

Le roman au plus proche de la réalité historique nous emmène dans une période pleine de bouleversements en suivant la vie d'un homme plein d'ambition qui arrivera au plus haut niveau pour être ensuite trahi et obligé de fuir.

Il retrace aussi bien ce qu'il y a de merveilleux que la noirceur des hommes avec les intrigues et les travers qui peuvent mener au plus hautes sphères pour être ensuite envié et détesté par le roi lui-même!

Avec cette lecture vous voyagez dans l'histoire et dans le monde à travers les yeux d'un homme à la quête de nouveauté et d'idéal. Tout y est décrit pour le plus grand plaisir du lecteur!!

Catherine Chateau-Artaud


Mercredi 5 Novembre 2014

Passeur d'ames - Golo Zaho
« La mort n’est pas une fin, ni une libération, mais une reconstruction de la vie. » C’est sur cette vision philosophique que Golo Zhao a bâti un manhwa, positif et doux, qui redéfinit la mort, non plus comme état périssable et destructeur, mais comme un passage salvateur, introducteur vers un monde inconnu.

A travers une Chine moderne, un passeur d’âme, fil rouge de ce manhwa-fable et héro du dernier chapitre, nous fait rencontrer plusieurs personnages : une jeune femme fortunée qui défie les dangers de la circulation urbaine, un enfant insensible à la douleur, un sauveteur qui a bafoué un tsunami pour protéger des écoliers, ou encore, mes favorites, dame sorcière et sa petite-fille, rondouillarde malmenée.

Pourquoi ce manhwa mis à l’honneur plus qu’un autre ? Peut-être pour ces visages joufflus chers à l’auteur, pour ces couleurs tendres et fonds aquarelle, pour ces étapes charnières de la vie dépeintes avec pudeur…mais sans pathos, sans larmes inutiles, sans surcharge émotionnelle démesurée. Du juste dosé.

Une simplicité touchante, rien de plus, rien de mieux !

Emilie Genevrier


100 coloriages mystères - Jérémy Mariez
Depuis déjà quelques mois, une odeur de colle Cléopâtre souffle sur nous, adultes à tendance régressive, qui avons légués depuis trop longtemps crayons de bois contre claviers tactiles pour assommer notre quotidien. Le nom de ce nouveau penchant créatif: le coloriage pour "âmes matures".

Alors non, je n’ai pas "testé pour vous" cette fois-ci. J’ai délégué ma mère à cette tâche, à travers l’ouvrage "100 coloriages mystères" de Jérémy Mariez. Le matériel requis: une riche palette de crayons ou feutres, selon que vous soyez plutôt graphite ou Crayola. Le principe: pas le droit de dépasser. Et attention, interdiction de se concentrer en tirant la langue (le retour en enfance doit avoir ses limites tout de même, dignité oblige!).

Notre testeuse s’est appropriée avec bonheur ce loisir populaire autrefois réservé aux moins de dix ans, cette petite madeleine aux vertus dites "anti-stress" et approuvée "pur-plaisir". Et c’est officiel, elle fait désormais partie du gang (pas très sélect car plébiscité en masse) des colorieuses.

Outre cette orientation "mystères" éditée chez Hachette Loisirs, les thématiques pullulent dans les librairies: des emblématiques Mandala aux scènes de rue new-yorkaises. Petit coup de cœur pour le très esthétique : « Graff, l’art de rue à colorier ».

Moins dangereux qu’un anxiolytique (à moins d’être renifleur de Veleda ou descendant direct du père castor), ce livre conduit en effet à un apaisement, à une envie d’apporter des couleurs vives à une page terne, au besoin de relever de mini-défis artistiques, de posséder un espace personnel d’expression à entretenir avec soin.

Une recherche de bien être? Peut-être... Je laisserai les thérapeutes jugés du bienfait de cet ouvrage. Une nostalgie du spirographe? Très certainement... Car il est si bon et léger de retourner aux sources par trois coups de crayon!

Emilie Genevrier

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