Jeudi 15 Octobre 2015

What I know for sure - Oprah Winfrey
A book full of positivism! Oprah shares with us all her life's learning and how to see the life positively. A blend a fresh air and love!

She tells us a lot of things we can read in many motivational books but from her perspective and from her experience. She teaches us to follow our dreams, to appreciate the small things in life, to believe in miracles, to follow our heart, to surround ourselves with loving and positive people, to be grateful and how powerful we can be when we trust who we are.

Oprah is a successful woman but she tells us that it was not at no price and shares with us her stuggles, her fears, her stepbacks and how she overcame them. Life is not always joyful but it is up to us to believe that each struggle is an opportunity for us to learn something and that something better will happen after. She believes that bigger the struggle, bigger the learning and bigger the opportunity.

A small book (even in its format), easy to read, just to feel good and balance all the negative energy we are facing every day.

Vanina Delobelle

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