Dimanche 5 Janvier 2014

Shaman King - Hiroyuki Takei
This manga series Shaman King written by Hiroyuki Takei takes the reader’s attention instantly.

Yoh Asakura, a shaman, is given the ultimate task. This task will put his skills to the test and his life in danger. His task is to become the Shaman king, a great fighter with a strong soul helping him. After moving to Tokyo to find his spirit soul he meets Manta Oyamada, a smart kid who has a huge dictionary with him almost all the time. He quickly became friends with Manta immediately.

With his friend Manta he decided to try to become the shaman king. Later in the story, he meets Amidamaru, a samurai from 600 years ago. He is now a soul because he died during a brutal battle against 50 of the bad king’s bodyguards. During his journey he faces many problems in which he solves them all, that is until he faces one that is almost impossible to solve. In this action-filled adventure will he become the shaman king, or will he die trying? Find out in Shaman King!

I believe that this is a good book because it is full of adventure and creativity. I recommend this to all people who like comics full of fights and uncertainties.

Alexis Delobelle