Lundi 4 Janvier 2016

Rediscover Jesus - Matthew Kelly
This book was offered to us by our church for Christmas. Very easy to read, it opens or reopens our eyes to some of the life's principles. Even if this book is written with a Christian angle, it could be read by all as it is about some founding principles of how to be better to others, how to be better with ourselves, how to appreciate life, how to welcome the unexpected situations, how to find inner peace.

In our fast moving times, it is good to sometimes step back and analyze our lives. Are we still aligned with what we want, who we are and our ethics? How is life always pulling us out from what we believe is right? How to handle this conflict between what our heart says and what we do actually do in life?

A lot of questions that this book is helping us to answer by giving us some perspectives. It is broken down in different questions and can give a perspective on one question only or you can go through the whole book for a refresh on what is right.

Vanina Delobelle

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