Dimanche 23 Février 2014

Rawsome Vegan Baking - Emily Von Euw
I had been in and out of veganism for 2 years now. Inspired by a better lifestyle and certainly very oriented towards a better quality food, I moved from vegetarian, to vegan and recently to raw vegan. Trying to find this ever lasting balance that we lost for a long time in our modern society where everything is refined, processed leaving very few space to what is coming from mother earth in its primitive form.

Rawsome Vegan Baking is an interesting book that provides great recipes for raw baking. The book is right now in pre-order and is focused on deserts...the kind you can crave for without any single guilt.

In Emily's blog, you can find many other recipes for entrees, dressings, drinks and many more. I tried many of her recipes and I can tell that they are really good.

Getting out from the usual tastes of pizza, pasta and all these cooked meals, is like a rejuvenation of the body, a reborn of the spirit.

Try some of her deserts and you might fall in love with veganism! My kid likes them very much. Not being able to eat regular bakeries, he definitely is a big adept of these deserts, which, for once, are not forbidden.

Vanina Delobelle