Mehndi Designs Coloring Book - Marty Noble
Adult coloring books has now its own shelf in the bookstores and are recognized as a new stress therapy. Coloring is helping for mindfulness by putting your full attention in coloring and getting your mind focused and cleared up from you daily stress. With such books you can actually have a lot of fun. Either you apply a pattern, or you go completely random or you do a phantom of colors, you can decide. You can start from the center and go to the outside or from the outside to the center of the design, as recommended by therapists, so that you keep getting into your inner thoughts and recenter your energy.

Can be used to relax, to concentrate for kids, or just because you like seeing the colors come together. You can go with Mandalas designs which is known thanks to the Buddhists monks, who can spend months and months building one with colored sand or you can go with a bit more variety and still reach the same results. I personally prefer when the lines of the design are thin so this book worked better for me but you can prefer thicker lines and enjoy it as much.

Some designs can take days. The goal is less the result than the journey. Just clear your head, relax and go back to your childhood for the best of what it offers: no stress!

Vanina Delobelle

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