French Twist: An American Mom's Experiment in Parisian Parenting - Catherine Crawford
As a French mom living in the US, this book was very interesting for me. As I have my own vision of parenting as a French, having Catherine's vision on how an American is seeing French parenting was really enlightening.

In this book, Catherine is comparing French and American parenting but she is also admiring a lot of the French way. I did not know we were that good in the area as I always admired how confident are American kids since the early age!

This book helped me see my parenting in perspective and also appreciate my French side even more. When Americans sees us too rigid, actually, it is good! They do admire our way of being stronger in front of our children ( husband would argue with this as he believes I am too soft) and teach them more values by saying NO more often.

We, French, are tougher on our kids, as Catherine says, which results in a better behavior of our kids.

Just a side note of mine; in our home, we use a very old French way of making our kid copy 50 times the same sentence when he is misbehaving. The funny story is that his Social Studies teacher learned about this and started adopting this method in the classroom for kids who are talking too much. Who knew we could be examples somewhere besides cooking and fashion?

In the book, the author is praising how the French kids eat, know how to stay sited at the table, listen to adults without arguing, tidy their rooms and do not get spoiled with tons of toys at each occasion. To her, our parenting is the result of less chaos in the household and a better step for teaching our kids independence.

I love Catherine's admiration for the French parenting. I also believe she is putting it too high as many French parents can argue that their kids are always as obedient as they should be. As she is talking mainly about young kids in her book, I would love to read an evolution of the book when her kids are growing and how she is now comparing French and American parenting for teenagers!

Vanina Delobelle

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