Samedi 25 Janvier 2014

Dragon Rider – Cornella Funke
If you enjoy books with adventures, then you’re going to like this book.

In this story Firedrake a dragon, Ben a human, and Sorrel a brownie who loves mushrooms, are given a quest to find a land for their colony of dragons. They are looking for a mythical place where dragons can live in harmony, The Rim of Heaven. Along their way they will meet allies but they will also meet another dragon, one that’s not as peaceful.

In this book there is a great adventure and a great dragon. What will happen in the end? Will there be triumph or will there be sadness because of this evil dragon.

I recommend this book to all readers because if you like adventures then you’re sure to like this book. This is not Cornella’s first book, she has also written the Thief Lord and Inkheart. Find out what happens next in the Dragon Rider.

Alexis Delobelle