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eCommerce anthropology

It defines the interrelationships between people, technologies and products.

  • A person has her believes, moral, references, history that will have her attracted by a product or by another one. For example, if the person is sensitive to environmental issues, all ‘’green’’ message or products related will have more impact on her than others. If a person is about large American legacy, his interest will turn to such brands.

  • The technology is about how the person experiences the product in such a seamless way she does not even realize that she is using technology. The technology should blend.

  • The product is about the functionalities, the price, the color and all the attributes.

Once the 3 come together we can talk about eCommerce anthropology. If you miss one, you miss them all.

Too often retailers look at one component at a time. They focus on the promotions or they decide that they will launch some ‘’innovative’’ technology in the store. What about there are these people who relate to my brand and who are my biggest buyers of this product and I will create an experience for them to buy even more of this? Or there are these people and based on what I know about them, I am sure they will love this new product so I am going to push it to them in a way that will just make them buy it?

As represented in my article La processus d’achat 2.0, customers have deeply changed their behaviors and relationship to their purchase cycle.
eCommerce anthropology

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