Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Runningwarehouse: the small site that has it all!

I looked at this site as a customer but also as an internet professional. It is not Amazon, it is not Target, but Runningwarehouse has it all!

Customers want free shipping!

When you ask customers what is the most important for them for e-commerce, they respond search first, followed by free shipping. This is a big challenge for retailers to offer free shipping to their customers and still retain their margin. Indeed this eats up the margin and nobody wants that. However, the customer is tired of...

The future of Commerce

THE FUTURE OF COMMERCE: REAL R.O.I. INSIDE View more presentations from Gregory Pouy

Virtual Stores: a future for development

Virtual stores are the nice convergence between online and offline. When we are talking about integrated retail, Virtual stores are the perfect solution. Products are displayed on an ad, in the same layout that it would be in a store and thanks to QR codes, customers can buy the products directly with their mobile
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