Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Ying and Yang

As always when some situations in the society become more radical, the opposite will arise to provide some balance. In our society, where everything is baked, processed, refined, to the point where we do not even know what it is made of, the opposite, is a complete return to mother earth food.

You might have seen the documentary Super Size Me showing how processed food, offered at some famous restaurant, can be toxic to our body. I suggest you also watch this horrifying movie about animal food, to never eat meat any more.

As opposed to this trend where junk food has become the norm in our plates, there are more and more vegetarians and vegan people. Their manta, let’s eat what mother earth gives us in its natural way. Of course, some may object the fact that even vegetables today are not as good as they are grown with chemical products and are waiting long in the chain before getting to our bellies. However, the revolution is here and some are making big time of this.

Whole Foods is king in the market of organic and is a go to place for all of us being interested in the quality of what we are eating. Some new comers in the market, still find their place like Mrs Greens that is in the same spirit, with some product differences. As this trend might have been minor few years ago and more spread within the running community, it has now extended much further. There are more and more people around me who are vegetarian and vegan that anytime. People are tired about what we consume and are looking for a better life. Kids can find courses about the Ecosystem on Khan Academy and are interested in what happens to our Earth.

As we have the wave to go to more and more process food, we also have the one that opposed to it by going even more and more to raw food. People want to grow their own produce; they want to eat organic products because they do not trust anymore the industry. I read that by 2025, the number of cancers is going to double and one of the 2 causes is food. When you read this, it makes you think…

Dimanche 23 Février 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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