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Why US are better performers ?

Why US are better performers ?
English are complaining that things go too slowly in the UK compared to the US. What could we say in France where it is certainly worth?

We can highlight the 10 points (following Guy Kawasaki pattern) which can help improve performance.

1. Not be worried by trying or testing.
It proves that you go ahead and that you are dynamic. You take risks.

2. Not be worried by failing and not consider failure as prohibited or bad.
There are many reasons to fail as well as many levels. Failing means you have tryed.

3. Be open to new ideas and to those who are trying to implement them.
Do not be reluctant to new concepts and to progress.

4. Help the ones having initiatives.
Do not be afraid by competition. Market is moving fast. One day you are challengers, the day after you are partners.

5. Give a pace and go ahead by willing to develop your business.
The reality of a firm is to grow. Do not be afraid by growth. Bea able to leave your leadership to someone who can help you better drive your business.

6. Build a nework and do not be afraid by people trying to get in touch with you.
The power relies on social networking. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will get.

7. Do not be afraid by change.
Change can bring a lot. Do not be stuck to contracts, vacations and others. We are in a moving society and everybody knows that things will change. Get used to it.

8. Do balance short-term and long-term vision.
You must follow the wave and be flexible. You must sometimes make some consensus to reach your goal.

9. Do not try to do eveything by yourself and do not stay stuck to clones without considering all types of experience.
Mix skills and people. The added-value comes from the mix of different experiences and personalities.

10. Be merit oriented, it is the best way to prove your value.
Prove yourself and do not expect others to help you. Help yourself and you will get help.

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