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Why France is no longer attracting ?

Why France is no longer attracting ?
I have not been writting in English for quite some time now but I definitely need to do it especially for this subject.

Everybody says that it is not worth looking after other countries just because things are not much better elsewhere. I can today really wonder if this is still applicable to France.

Indeed, few years ago, France was very much a reference at a global scale:
L[Standard of living was very good.]l
L[French universities were a reference.]l
L[Employment was good.]l
L[We were taking initiatives and be in the vanquard.]l

L[Everybody is moody.]l
L[Job seekers have increased and what is more frightening is that a lot of educated people are on the dole.]l
L[We do not want to move. We are afraid by any changes.]l
L[European HQ do not settle in France anymore.]l
L[Companies are overwhelmed by social charges which prevent them from growing rapidly.]l

There are definitely good things happening in France but we do not go as fast as other countries and maybe we will pay for this one day. It is high time for us to get aware of the situation and give companies and people more means to go ahead.

Dimanche 29 Octobre 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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