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Why Americans do not pay much attention to their work contract ?

Why Americans do not pay much attention to their work contract ?
In Belgium, the trial period lasts at least 6 months. In the US, an employee can be fired in 15 days without notification.

In France, we have 3 months trial period for executives and 1 month for non-executive. It is quite low and now the government tried to extend this period to 2 years without success. I can understand the surprise foreign students faced this last time in France when looking at strikes. Indeed, this is un-undertandable since American do not pay as much attention to their work contract as French do. For them the most important is to have a work and to make their proofs in order to get promoted as fast as possible.

The point is that in France, promotions are not always given based on merit but often based on relationships. Therefore, for some of them, even if they work hard they will not get the position they are looking for leading to disappointment. I would be much easier saying: if you work hard, you will get it!

Vendredi 21 Avril 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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