Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

What would be the future in online ?

What would be the future in online ?
Cooptation and recommandation.

Pay per click advertising

Search engine optimization
Provide better search GUI and let open to do some more cross searches ans intuitive searches.

Emailing campaigns on a one-to-one approach.

Online shops. Everybody can today open one’s online shop (cf spreadshirt or Zlio iniatives).

Clubs and communities
Customers really tend to belong to communities. They therefore feel much more concerned by a small website dealing with their centers of interest rather than wih bigger ones where they do not feel any personalization. Within communities, they can get information, advice before the others and hence feel more special.

People want to communicate and be able to speak with each other about their experience, ask questions.

With podcasting and online advertising either through hyperlinks on blogs or websites but also with icones or banners on blogs.

Concours and games

Viral marketing


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