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What is failure?

There is NO failure, there are only lessons! I personally never use such term with my teams. I never talk about failure while I talk about success. I tend to focus on the positive and always show them the right side of the story. We learn, we need to keep learning and not being successful all the time is part of this learning. If you try something new, you might miss the first time, you will learn and them you will succeed. When giving feedback and coaching people, I want them to focus on what makes them strong. It is easier to develop and expand their positive sides than fixing their weaknesses. I take what people are good at and help them be aware of the other side in a way that it will not occult their good side. Nobody can be perfect and nobody can fail constantly. If this is the case, it means, that they are not learning and if they are not learning it is because they are not interested or because their ego is too big.

Failure is just part of the game. You play, you win, you play you lose. If you never try to get outside of your comfort zone, you will never lose but you will also never win. I have much more respect for people who tried and failed rather than those who never tried and can never report a failure. I was reading that some companies are looking for talents who failed many times. The reasons:
  • They are pushing the limits constantly and are not happy with the status quo. They are innovators who are going to see much beyond and therefore offer a lot to a company.
  • They are not afraid to fail. They know how to step up again. It will not diminish them, it will grow them. They are stronger and tougher.
  • They are usually more positive people as they know both sides of success. They also know that with success comes failure so when success is here they recognize it and they know how to trigger it by knowing the pitfalls.

I am not afraid of failure even if I do not like it. I will not trigger it but I will not prevent myself from trying something big because I risk to fail. I am not afraid by risk, this is where the fun is coming. No risk, no challenge and therefore no reward. I am disappointed by our society that sometimes does not give a good credit to failure. When hiring, I have seen some companies having rules where they do not hire somebody who failed or somebody who got fired. I disagree as you might have failed in one context, have learned from it and bring a wealth of success to your next company. I have had people like this and they have been some of the best in my organizations. We need to look beyond, we need to look differently, we need to open our minds, we need to challenge, we need to push the limits, we need to put people on the edge and see how they react, we need to lead people by giving them the confidence that they can try and that it is OK to take the risk. You will see at the end your people grow and become some of the best, if they do not freeze.

People are afraid of what they do not know. People are afraid because they look at the big picture instead of taking one step at the time and making progress every day. If you look at the mountain you have to climb, then you might get demotivated but if you look at your feet and make all it takes to move them one at the time, then you will make it to the top. Failure is just a concept and has in reality no real mean. Also failure is subjective as it can mean different things to people, depending on people’s values, criteria and how high they put the bar. In my world there is no such thing as failure, there are only lessons.

Mardi 18 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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