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Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual Reality is touching all the industries. Gaming has been the first industry to go through the VR revolution. Gaming has extended to Casino gambling now.

This is how we can see some online casinos like Vegas Palms online casino Canada transform into a Casino where we can play for real and feel exactly the same as if we were at a table in Vegas.

Virtual reality is immersive. It puts the player right in the atmosphere and he can get the same feelings. Isn’t it great to travel to Vegas, be at a table and all this right from my sofa? We are not talking here about a simple flat experience, but about a true experience.

Some use VR for entertainment, other use it for therapy. How about resolving some gaming addiction? VR helps with depression, fear of heights, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, fear of people and many others. By exposing the person to the situation she fears, it helps retrain slowly the brain. Maybe gamblers can get their life back by using VR.

What would it mean if we would use a VR Casino environment to teach our kids probabilities? I remember my Math teacher, who was always making us visualize dices to learn probabilities. Wouldn’t it had been much more fun if it was done in a real situation?

Virtual Reality is not only for games. There are so many things we can do. How about people with physical challenges, who cannot drive to a Casino? Can’t they play sometimes too?

The beauty of VR compared to online is that it mixes multiple senses. You can see, hear, touch (and also smell in some cases - there are some experiences enabling smells but it is still at the beginning) all together. In addition you are in a unique environment, cut from reality so the experience is total.

There is a company, which uses VR for weight loss. They created tastes and it is like if you were eating real food but in fact you are not but your brain is tricked so you feel satisfied and do not want to eat more. Isn’t it better than taking pills or going through surgery?

The time, when I was watching Avatar and we were excited about is now. This fantasy is becoming reality. Some are talking about fad. I do not believe it. They were saying the same about social media 10 years ago and they were wrong. VR is a new revolution that everybody needs to take. From Vegas Palms online casino to medicine, manufacturing, retail, education and many more. It is here for real. Who said that we needed to live in one dimension only? Why couldn’t we live multiple realities at the same time? What is reality? The world is changing. With Robots, the human race is evolving to a new level. Scary for some, fascinating for others, but real for all.

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