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The second hand car industry

The second hand car industry
Having a second hand car is now trendy in France. Indeed, people have now more money to spend on their car. With the oil raise and the purchasing power decrease, French people prefer saving some money.

Indeed, per as a study, we can note that a brand new car would cost you around 4 000€ per year, all included, whereas a second hand one a little more than 2 000€. Quite impressive!

Most of these second hand transactions are done between householdes. The second hand firms have however seen their income raise by 20% this year. Lots of miles are no longer frightening buyers. Cars are more and more robust and can therefore live longer. If you want to resell your new car after few months only, you can make a good deal on this booming market.

Companies, like Renault, are even advertising about their second hand subsidiary: Renault Occasions. They are trying to appeal consummers on other channels and this is a good one.

Does that mean that the industry of new cars is currently suffuring? Not really, it is only changing. Even if the number of overall sales has decreased, French people are still purchasing new cars. But they are more interested in small and economic models or familly ones. Advertisement for new cars and promotions are still there to keep on attracting consumers ready to move for the second hand market.

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