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The school system in France

The school system in France
In France, School is mandatory at 6 years, however, most of the children go to school at 3 years.

Maternelle: it lasts 3 years. The purpose is to introduce children to social life.

Primaire: 5 years. They learn to read, write, count and all the basics.

Collège: 3 years. At the end there is an exam called Bretvet.

Lycée: 3 years. The students finish with the Baccalauréat (or A-Level). This will enable them to enter University or Graduate Schools depending on their ranking.

University: It is free. You can lean here all subjects like mathematics, physics, psychology, litterature, ...You have here 3 levels:
  • Licence: 3 years. Means Bac + 3.
  • Master: 2 years. Means Bac + 5. MBA level.
  • Doctorat: 3 years. Means Bac +8. PhD level.

Graduate Schools: Their are not free. Only the best students can go there, or the one able to pay. To enter these schools, students have to undertake Prep Schools before in order to pass the concours. If they are elligible, they will enter the schools but not always the one they want to. I will depends on their ranking. There exists different schools like Graduate Schools of Management or of Engineer. But also for medicals, administration...

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