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The children's power

The children's power
Children are the ones having the highest power. Indeed, you would do everything for your child, which you would not for someone else.

The artists or companies, who reached children's heart are the richest today. The children bring their parents to spectacles, they make them buy this yoghurt instead of this one, make them read this book or travel to this place.

Some parents are ready to pay lots of money to offer their child the best school, the best kinder garden, the nicest clothes.

When a new child borns, parents spend all their income for accomodations, school, doctor, entertainment, clothes.

In France, per as a study, the first child amounts to 30% of a couple income.

They also have influence on their parents spendings. Therefore, even if they are very young, children receive from banks some offers to save their money...I would rather say their parents' money.

They are small but very powerful. We all think that when we will be older or wiser, we will gain power. This is false: the ones having the power are the children. Their strengh is also that they do not know how much powerful they are.

I can pinpoint an interesting book from a French author Alexandre Jardin, called les Coloriés where the world is managed by children.

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