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The French Brain Drain

The French Brain Drain
French Researcher and PhD do escape from France in order to work in the US and in Canada. Indeed, they can there have a job and be much more paid.

Now with the crisis France is facing, we can see other graduates escaping to better countries. Indeed, engineers, marketing, financial people prefer working abroad. They have more chance to find a job there and their talents are better recognized with faster promotion and higher income.

Indeed, income have dropped in France and life has become more expansive therefore the overall purchasing power has decreased even for executives.

The biggest movement can be seen within company owners. Indeed, their tax charges are so high that they do not even have time to gain revenues that they already need to pay...How can the Economy work with such a trend?

I see founders leaving France every day going to England, Irelande, Asia, Marocco. They are tired with giving all their earnings to the State. These talented people are by the way preventing France from having good firms. Today 80% from companies’ revenues are coming from foreign countries.

We need to hurry up and identify this situation since it is becoming critical for our country. Yesterday again I talked with a talented person, who is overseeing moving to Asia, just because he has the feeling that the future is there. Does not France make executives dream anymore ?

Jeudi 27 Avril 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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