Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Some new trends in the recruitment area

Some new trends in the recruitment area
L[Candidats talk themselves about the companies.]l
L[Candidates can talk with each other like in a forum.]l

It is a search engine. SimplyHired technology is used by LinkedIn or Myspace for example and other plateforms.

Social networks
LinkedIn, Viaduc are social networks but they also offer jobs offers.
L[Referals available for recruiters,]l
L[Possibility to see how broad is the candidat’s network,]l
L[Get introduced to other people in order to get information on the candidate,]l
L[Spread an offer among the network in order to find the right person and have one’s network help to get the right candidat,]l
L[Get access to a database of high level candidats.]l

Blue Chip Expert network
L[Concerns mainly independant persons to put into relationship both companies looking to staff missions and candidates looking for new customers,]l
L[Blue Chip Expert connects hiring managers with uniquely qualified consultants, contractors and interim executives.]l
L[Aims at reducing the duration time to find the right person.]l

Cooptation and recommandation. It is possible to coopte people even without beeing candidate. There is an add looking for a X. If you coopte people for this position, you can win a bonus. You provide referals for one specific candidate and you get money or gifts.
The harder it is to find a profile, the higher is the bonus for coopters.

Market place where professionals can exchange expertise. Independants can propose their services on the plaform. Companies are even sold through Ebay.

Jobs sent via SMS.

Peer to peer software which enables the recruiter to get access to active resumes on candidates’ computers.

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