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Respecting each other

Respecting each other
Seems obvious, seems normal but is far to be applied. In our current society people behave as if they were alone; they just do what they want without taking care of others.

And there are too many examples in this area:
L[You make noise in the night. What about your neighbours who are sleeping? Do not care !]l
L[You are late to your appointment and drive like crazy. What about the other drivers and their safety? Do not care !]l
L[You smoke in any place. What about this lady with her baby sitting next to you? Do not care !]l
L[You are laughing and talking for hours with some collegues. What about your other collegue trying to concentrate on his job? Do not care !]l
L[You do not show up at a meeting. What about the others that were waiting for you and who needed your feedback? Do not care!]l
...and the list can be long...

Nobody is alone. What we are doing always impacts others so can we just consider these “others” to some point. At least be aware of them and appologize when you are doing something which is disturbing them ! (Excuses is not even always the rule) Do not do to others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you ! (probably translated directly from a french moto but so real).

So please, please, do respect each other for the good sake of everybody, life will be so easier !

Vendredi 19 Janvier 2007
Vanina Delobelle
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