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Quizup and Buzzfeed: Quiz apps forever

Trivia apps are super trendy. Everybody loves trivia, everybody plays trivia. Buzzfeed is the king in Facebook. Everybody shares the last quiz of the day about what country you are , what city you are, what star you are, what old person would you be, …It is easy, it takes few seconds and it is fun. We share with our friends and we react to the results they get. Most of the time, it means absolutely nothing and has no reflection on your personality at all, but…it is fun.

My latest discovery is Quizup, which is much smarter, covers a lot of subjects and what I like the most is that you play against others. You have to beat them, the faster you answer, the more points you get. You can launch a challenge, you can keep playing the same person and you can play against your friends (note: for those who received an invite from me…no surprise). The subjects are varied. You can play countries of the world, web culture, mathematics, colors, logos, science, music…whatever you are interested in, you can find it there. This app is very addictive. If you like competition, you will like it. There is also this music when you play that reinforces the challenge atmosphere. You get a question with a text and image and you have 4 answers to pick from. Pick your answer, see how fast you are, how many points you score and win badges! 6 rounds only and a bonus round, which make each game super fast so that you do not have time to get bored; on the contrary...,you ask for more.

These quizzes are very popular on phones. People like competition but they do not want to get too much invested. They play easily for few seconds and get out with a nice feeling of learning something. Next to the long strategy games that requires time investment and a bigger screen; quizzes can be played on the go in couple of minutes; ideal when you wait for a bus, when you are at the doctor office or at a kid’s game. It is seamless and completely integrated into your life.

TV shows, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and, name it, started back in 1938 and are still part of people’s lives. Now that digital is everywhere, it is very normal that people are still addicted but simply play on different devices. Quizzes are the number one game being played.

Your turn to play now! Name the 3 tops quiz apps in number of users…

Samedi 29 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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