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Power vs. Money

As I was watching House of Cards, Kevin Spacey said about a person that she was more interested in Money than Power. Very interesting to me and it made me think further. Let’s look at people who got successful in business. Once they reach a certain level, what they are looking for is to increase their power and this is why they invest in newspapers, they start to lobby or they work or support a certain government/candidate. Why? Is money just not enough?

If we are looking at human roots, we are animals who need to apply our power on others. There are always been leaders and followers. There are always been a need for the people to follow somebody. Power is part of our genes, while money is not. Look at kids! Some are dominants and others subordinates. Power comes first! In Social Media, we are talking about influencers. Influencers set the tone, show the way, embrace new technologies and have some power via their knowledge. People do not become CEOs because of money, they become CEO because it is a way for them to change the world. Their power, defined by their position, will allow them to achieve goals and make the changes they want.

Very often money and power go together and some would argue that money is power. Certainly to some extend. However, ask to the vast majority of people and after a certain level of wealth, they will say they are looking for power. Once their primary needs are fulfilled (in reference to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, then power is on the list.

Vendredi 7 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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