Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Personalization…the future of products

I remember being on a conference with lots of retailers and they were saying that personalization was very profitable in general. Personalization is when you can put your name on the T-shirt, the initials on the embroidered on the towel, the logo of the school on the sweater, a personal message on the box of a pen…

Customers want to differentiate; they do not want the same as everybody. They are versatile and want to come up with personal things all the time that will put them in a position of influencer in the community. They love novelty and they love when people say ‘’this is great, I love your shoes…’’, they captured attention and shined for a small instant that made them so special.

I discovered this extreme of personalization for shoes. Onesole enables you to pick your sole (among a large selection) and then to pick the tops (among an even larger selection), making the shoes different every day and adjustable to any mood or to any outfit. The principle is really innovative and same as you were able to change the frames of your glasses, now you can change the top of your shoes.

However, in order to get this innovation, you will have to pay a cozy price as the combination of one sole and one top will make the price of the shoe at +$100. Such shoes, not interchangeable, can be bought for far less. Well, being fashion has a price and this is the one it costs to get these interchangeable shoes.

Dimanche 16 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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