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Online bookmakers : the new revolution

Online bookmakers : the new revolution
Bookmarkers do exist since years. However, the new trend is online bookmakers! Indeed, online gaming is dramtically rising. Some firms are flourising in the field.

Most of online bookmakers firms are located in the UK. Indeed, in France it is forbiden and only the Française des Jeux is allowed to be positionned in this area. This industry is so booming that there are sometimes some glurry stories like the one of the fixed football game. Soccer gaming is big money. You chose which score and which team and if you were right, you gain money.

In the UK, lots of analysts have a position within such fast growing companies. If you like numbers, if you like football or rugby, you can find a good job, well paid there. French people are also attractiv because the French football team (as well as the rugby one) are very well positionned on the worldwide championship. French football players are being exported and do play in all famous international teams. Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry or Franck Leboeuf are famous. Our Frenchy Franck, after having played in Quatar is now going to work in Hollywood for the ESPN channel. A good way to promote the French football again.

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