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Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery
I am going to take the drawbacks of the previous article I wrote and which was called Est-ce normal qu’un dirigeant de PME ne gagne pas plus que le SMIC ?

Between having high social charges and not getting results from one’s investment and becoming a slaver, there might be a difference ! The problem is that some people do not have any hindrance and just fall on the other side.

Modern slavery exists...even in Prague. There are some big manufacturing companies that have closed some of their factories in Canada for example or elsewhere and who are growing the one they have in Czech Republic. There, they have workers who are paid 200€/month and work like crazy. They live far away in a dormitory town where they share a single room with 3 or 4 other persons. The company brings them by bus early in the morning and return them back late in the night. And they work and work. But how can we really live with 200€? This is incredible when you think that in France there are some people who, without working, earn 400€ and even with this amount cannot afford their living.

How companies can accept such situations? How can a manager sleeps well knowing this? This is just modern slavery and it does exist. We must not accept this. Even if everybody agrees that some countries are exagerating in term of companies charges, we must not go to the extrem. Alcatel is closing currently some units in France...and guess what? They will for sure open or increase others in other countries where workforce is cheaper. How can we accept such differences within Europe? Aren’t we supposed to be one single country? Just be aware that modern slavery does exist not far from your frontiers !

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