Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)


Customers are not loyal to brands; employees are not loyal to companies, companies are not loyal to employees…why is there no longer loyalty?

Loyalty implies multiple principles in order to exist:

  • Reciprocity: you are loyal when you feel loyalty on the other side too. You know that you can trust, you know that the person in front will not fail you. For a brand, she will make her promises. She will reward you correctly for your loyalty and she will engage you.

  • Transparency: you need to be transparent and collaborative. People will not feel loyal if they feel that you are not telling the truth or that you are only telling one piece of the story. If they feel left aside, then, they cannot be loyal.

  • Communication: it is about talking and being honest by telling the things that are easy but also the ones that are more difficult. It is about being comfortable to expose weaknesses and not believe that you should always show strength.

  • Sharing control: you do not need to be the one on the spotlight constantly but you want to share the stage with the others. You should be comfortable being the man in the shadow some days as long as it makes the whole system work better. The ego should be left on the side if you want people to be loyal. It is OK to give control to customers for a brand as they will give even more power to it at the end of the journey.

  • Constant check: loyalty needs to be nurtured. You always need to watch yourself and make sure it is there and that you did not slip somewhere in the process. Talk, ask feedback, explain, say you are sorry, but check that it is there as it can go away very easily nowadays.

Samedi 15 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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