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Life360: big brother on my data

We know how sensitive personal data subject is lately. It has been a hot topic at SXSW, where Snowden appeared to be the hero of a new era. How much do we want to be public? How much data are going to change our relationships?

I discovered the Life360 app that enables you to know where your family and friends are at any time. I can track when my husband leaves the house, when he returns, when my kid is done with his basketball practice and spy any of their movements. Of course, said like this, it might appear scary as there is no longer an ounce of privacy for anybody. Private investigators are out of job as I can now do the job myself. How much does my husband want me to know each of his movements…I can say he does not.

Now, let’s look at the other angle of the question, which is certainly why such applications have great success. In our crazy world, where schedules are tight, where nobody has any time, not even to give a phone call when we are late because we are tight in a meeting, the app can help. It can also help increase security with children and see when they leave school, when their bus took them, and when they arrived. It also tells us if they are leaving the house in your absence or if they are going to places where they are not authorized. As people are more and more scared and where security is less and less a given, this can help.

I am sure, some people might do a funny face when they look at these apps; the same way they did a funny face when Facebook launched. ‘’What is the point of telling the world about what you are doing…can we keep our privacy?’’ Now they might say ‘’What is the point of knowing everything about your family?’’…things will change. People safety and safety of data in the digital world are very important topics that people have not finished to debate.

Mercredi 19 Mars 2014
Vanina Delobelle
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