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Kind for Kinder

Kind for Kinder
The Kinder brand was born in 1975 with the Kinder Surprise. The famous chocolate egg with a toy inside. Kinder is a brand from the company Ferrero also famous for the chocolate paste: Nutella launched in 1965 but also the Tic Tac sweets and the Mon Chéri chocolats.

Kinder has been developped into different products: Bueno, Country, Maxi, Surprise, Shokos Bons, Délice, Pingui, Chocofresh and Happy Time.

Today , we cannot do without Kinder. Our children are demanding the brand. The advertising is also very much appealing since it is mainly targeting chirldren (only a little adults with the Kinder Maxi which is for younger and oder). The commercials are encouraging parents to purchase the product since they are claiming that the products are made with lots of good things necessary for our children’s growth. They are also sized to children needs (small size packaging).The more interesting is the positionning done for both each product individually and for the brand Kinder in general.

A special chocolat that everyone can recognize and that both children and adults appreciate. A sure value for snacks that has entered all houses.

Dimanche 2 Juillet 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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