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Is my English bad?

Is my English bad?
Lots of people complain because they have not been hired because of their language level. On the other hand some managers pretend they do not hire based on language skills but more on experience but when it comes to effectively do interviews, the language level can be eliminatory.

Is this normal? Should we pay attention to language level more than what an employee can bring to a company? Is it better having an American working in France than a Frenchy French?

I already stated how important international mobility is for both companies and employees (cf my former article International Mobility), however I am not sure that all companies do really put enough stress on this management aspect.

When different nationalities work together within a company, it is very very the right way :
L[We can feel much more respect between people.]l
L[We help more each other.]l
L[We try to understand the others but also learn from them.]l
L[We leave aside some of our local habits.]l

What about the language in all this? Nobody cares as long as we understand each other. Can we today pay as much attention as before to language level? Some speak certainly better English than others but it does not mean that they are better in their daily work. Some speak more American than British English, so what ? We should never put aside a candidate only because of its language skills. Indeed if a candidate is interested in joining a company, his motivation is maybe ranking first in term of criteria.

On the other hand, “is my English bad or good” should not be an hindrance for sending once application.

Let’s just put aside some of our old habits on languages and see who is in front of us. Lets really pay attention to the people and personality more than on anything else.

One does not speak very well English but he maybe speaks another language which might be very helpful one day for the company, who knows !

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