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International mobility

International mobility
We are used to say that travels build experience. Leisure travels are already true but professionnal expatriations are even more.

Too few executives are interested in moving abroad and working in other countries whereas it would bring them a lot as to their company.

In Europe, mobility is easier since we do not need any working Visa and we can work in any EU country. However, it is less than easier when it comes to work in other countries. US, Canada, Australia and others require a working Visa so managing to get one is already a success.

Nevertheless, having a broader experience and having worked outside one’s own country brings a lot: openess, flexibility, adaptability, broader and richer background, languages practice, new state of mind... By the way, it should be even mandatory for people to have at least one international experience.

Nowadays, with internationalization and barriers opening, international mobility should be required. Not only on CVs but on reality for the safe of both companies and employees. Companies should also encourage melting pot if it copes with the skills they are looking for, of course.

Everyone, who had the opportunity to get an international experience would tell you how great it was. Usually, if you tasted it once, you would do it again.

China, Argentina, South Africa, Marocco, India,...make your choice !

Vendredi 23 Juin 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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