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India: the new paradise for IT engineers

India: the new paradise for IT engineers
Since 2 years, India is appealing again white collars. Indian people, after graduation, moved to the US or in Europe in order to work. They had a BA or BS of Engineering or an MBA. These well educated people, had no chance in their country. Salaries were very low and opportunities quite poor. So they moved and spent some years abroad learning overseas methods.

Now they are going back home with lots more experience and a good knowledge. IT engineers are now interested in working in their home country by local companies. India has become a real Eldorado for IT people.

We can now already see Indian companies trying to settle in Europe. European people are now even interested in moving to India. Indeed, there are far more openings in India rather than in Europe.

Life there is sweet. There is a good weather and even if salaries are lower, they are much higher than the average salary so you can afford having boys, sweet home and high standards of living. Your purchasing power is therefore much higher.

Europe used to hire Indians, now Indians are hiring Europeans!

Mercredi 26 Avril 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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1.Posté par Kevin le 26/04/2006 16:18
Bravo pour ce message, qui reflete un point très actuel de l'économie française.
Après la fuite des chercheurs vers les labos US et canadiens... la fuite du monde IT vers l'Inde.
Et hop ! Un aller-simple pour Bangalore ou Delhi !

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