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How to improve LinkedIn functionalities ?

How to improve LinkedIn functionalities ?
Here is a new product management category where I am going to propose some improvements that can be done on some products I particularly like.

The first to be addressed is LinkedIn and here are the improvements I am proposing :

L[Be able to personalize the homepage with the kind of information the user is interested in. This can be different depending on the user. Use the same functionality as the Google drag and drop for the homepage personalization.]l
L[Set a maximum number of questions, new connexions…that are going to be displayed on the homepage. This might depend on each user.]l

L[Decrease the annual fees. Propose for example 20$ per year as Flickr does.]l
L[Propose either different pricing depending on the different functionalities the user is interested in. For example I might be interested to pay more to see who visits my profile while I would not be interested in getting more introductions. This might be different for another user.]l

L[Possibility for the user to refine a people search also based on the network level (1st, 2nd, 3rd)]l

L[Possibility to add a picture on the profile. This might be another way to remember some people as the network increases.]l
L[Interest in being able to organize the connexions upon categories (friends, co-workers, blogers, …) and not only based on alphabetical order.]l
L[Propose some more networking metrics in order to better increase the user’s way of networking.]l

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