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Hot US IPO coming up in the internet space

Last year, 2 big IPO were to watch and participate LinkedIn, and Facebook, where you would have made +100% of your investment.

This year, there are few IPO I am watching in the US that are certainly going to be great deals and shake the Internet market:

  • Alibaba: certainly the biggest. This China giant is bigger than Amazon and eBay and is a global incumbent in the international ecommerce. Yahoo has 24% of the shares and it is for a reason. I think this one is going to be big. Alibaba is a huge marketplace but also has great assets to disrupt the global market and break prices even more with their Aliexpress business.

  • Snapdeal: this is to me the second big one. Ebay has invested $50M in Snapdeal, again for a good reason. Indian company, their strength is in the mobile commerce. They are growing fast every day and have a lot of resources looking at the development of the market they are currently addressing.

  • Pinterest: the well known image sharing/social network is also considering becoming public. Pinterest has become a place to be for a lot of brands and companies. The audience is younger and female which is the growing market on the internet space.

  • Roku: TV is back. Roku is democratizing streaming and getting our small screens back to the big screen. With more affordable devices, everybody can now afford TV for cheap. Your Comcast subscription out, you can now invest into TV differently. Combine a Roku device and a Netflix subscription and here you go, you are back on TV. Consumption is shifting. It is no longer about channels, it is about streaming content.

  • Spotify: the streaming of music is there. Spotify is the new generation of music provider. Following the path defined by Pandora, it is now their turn to claim their chair.

  • Weibo: it is the Chinese Twitter. Weibo and is filing in the US.

Note: Foursquare is still in the air and not ready for 2014, but things might change.

Jeudi 20 Mars 2014
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