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Hispanics in the US : the largest minority

Hispanics in the US : the largest minority
There are 40 million Hispanics in the US which makes them the largest minority. This represents almost 15% of the total population. Mexicans represent half of this percentage. On may the 1st, Hispanics demonstrated in order to show their power and be more recognized by the American State.

Hundreds and hundreds of Mexicans are crossing the toll everyday. They enter the US in order to find a better life. There they will live without papers but would work on restaurants, on the building industry as blue collars. Firms know that these persons do not have any paper but they need them and they are less paid. This black market, is underlying the American economy.

As UK has Indian people, the Germany the ones coming from Turkey, The France coming from Maghreb. However, besides these big trends, France has decided to open its frontiers for non-qualified workers coming from eastern countries to work on the building industry, in hotels and restaurants and in the medical field. The number of authorizations will increase for these people.

We see a strange move occuring these last months in our country. Executives are living France while non-qualified workers are entering the country. The face of the country is therefore changing.

Each country has therfore its minority helping the economy move on. Workers moves are the baseline of an economy balance. It is up to each one to be on the right boarder at the right time.

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