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Fire in your heart, fire in your head

Fire in your heart, fire in your head
Everybody needs to be driven to make big achievements. Even the best cannot do big things without this little fire. What happens when the fire goes? Some painful times to try to find a reason why we are doing one thing. We are surrounding in a life which is not really ours, trying to find the path to happiness. This does not mean that these people are bad, they just do not know the “why”.

As managers, it is up to us to bring the best of them and to help them find the path. We cannot do miracles for some, who have a very deep concern with their fire. But for most of us, fire can go very quickly but also come back very quickly.

In our society, we spend too much time at delivering, we run all the time, we never think. Each people need to step back to some point and really wonder if what he is currently doing is the right thing. Analyzing, thinking, creating, stepping back is the lack of most of people. Why? Probably just because it is the easiest way to behave. Without thinking, no concerns, no worries, just a daily stress which is much easier to carry than an existential one. But one day or another we all need to look backward and, if we are not used to, it could be terrific.

Let’s all give us some time to think in order to really find the reason why we do or have done one thing.

Jeudi 18 Janvier 2007
Vanina Delobelle
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