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Extreme couponing experience

Extreme couponing experience
When you have a researcher background you cannot be happy only watching or hearing about stuff, you want to experiment by yourself and drive your own conclusions. I had been following the program on TV showing these extreme couponers, impressive! Yes but in reality what does that mean? For 2 months I did the experience. I gathered all coupons I received in my mail box, I bought the Sunday newspapers (per 2 or 3), I signed up to to print the coupons, I went on some brand websites to retrieve their coupons. I looked at the store circulars and matched the store offer with the coupons very carefully. I prepared my list in advance marking the original price, the sale price and the coupons reductions.

I bought couple of times combining both coupons and store offers and yes you can do some significant savings. I did some 57% savings and even once got to the store and paid nothing. Like in the program, I could get stuff for free too.

Now, let’s tell the story from behind the scene:
  • You can get this if you buy very specific products and not necessary your usual products.
  • This strategy works well for personal care products like toothpaste (I got them for free) but less for grocery products as there are very few grocery coupons. I buy more often grocery than personal care products so after a while you are limited.
  • Once you got your blast of toothpaste then you are done. I personally do not need to stock for 10 years ahead. I think I already have enough for a year.
  • Coupons sites ask you to download a toolbar on your browser that is full of spywares and does slow down the computer.

It does work, it is exciting but it is also limited and I do not believe a family can live with this only (unless they have access to coupons that did not come into my radar) as we are not eating toothpaste and shampoo. This was a great fun experience. My kid also loved participating. I keep looking at the coupons as there might always be some opportunity for some products I might be more interested in.

Also I did discover this extraordinary behavior that coupons are for sale! On eBay you can buy/sell all sorts of coupons. This was the most impressive part for me that free coupons can be traded and that there are buyers for these. The customer is ready to pay to make savings and this is a very interesting marketing concept.

It also made me understand that Mr and Mrs America are not about high end brands but about price first. In the case of the extreme couponers, they have no loyalty to the brand, they go for the product that offers the best price. They want the price mainly. If they can get the brand for a very cheap price, they want it and this is one of the component of eBay’ success. Most of the very successful items are branded items at extremely discounted price. All the private sales sites, Fab, LivingSocial do work well because they do give the perception to customers that they offer better prices than retail prices and that for this price they will get high end brands. People feel happy because they saved money even if the product is old, used and more expensive than another product at the end of the day. The brand perception brings the trust, the price brings the trigger and rules the world and this is the new consumption behavior.

Vendredi 10 Mai 2013
Vanina Delobelle
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