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Disney vs EuroDisney

Disney vs EuroDisney
European people have their habits and are not ready to get ride of their daily glass of wine.

Eurodisney faced difficulties after implementation just because it was too much "American". Funny thing since everybody knows from where it comes.

However, we have here the example of homogeneization marketing. It means that vendors need to cope with local habits. Importing a concept is not sufficiant, it needs to be, at least, a little bit adapted. Standardization is not always the best strategy. All this led to a French manager for EuroDisney, wine and beer available, French and European references like the dolls with the Small World entertainment.

I would like also to highlight the fact that when we go to EuroDisney it is to enter a new world and not to find what we are used to. Disney world is facinating and with French or American touch, younger and older love going there.

Mercredi 19 Avril 2006
Vanina Delobelle
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