Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Customer centric or not ?

Customer centric or not ?
Currently 2 big families are facing :
  • The one in favor of one-to-one marketing
  • The one in favor of mass marketing

In the 80’s, marketers thought that it was up to them to create trends and to build up the products customers where looking for. Big firms like Sony, Nike or Apple were driving this trend. These firms created products and then created the need. Customers, who did not know about these products as a need, adopted them and they became mandatory. It was the time of mass marketing. Individuals were not seen as particulars.

In the end of the 90’s, the trend changed and marketers thought it was necessary to start from customer needs in order to build up an offer. Market studies, CRM and customer panels were the big methods. Everyone had these words in mouth. Those who were not thinking this way were outdated. It was the customer centric boom. The one-to-one marketing raised: marketing could not go without personalization.

Since 2 to 3 years, the trend moves again. Now these two ideas families are facing and have their adepts. Some keep on thinking we cannot create an offer without knowing customers needs, others think it is up to marketers to create the offer, just because customers are big “child” and they do not know what they really need. Therefore companies like Apple keep on thinking mass-marketing and they are right. If we just consider the iPod, nobody was expecting such a product to be launch but it was a real success and everybody loves it and by the end...needs it.

Maybe the only possible strategy is to do what we feel. Sometimes, we really think that a product can work and we’d better launch it. Hovever, this leads to more risks because a lot of products were a flop just because the market was not ready to welcome them. With studies and so on, the risk is reduced but the sucess is lower as well. As in everything, the less risk you take, the less money you get.

Where do you stand? Are you for mass-marketing or one-to-one marketing?

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