Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)

Can we still talk about ecommerce?

I feel like ecommerce should be replaced by digital experience or digital platforms as we are now selling via different devices whether it is internet, mobile web, mobile apps, tablets, connected TV or virtual reality.

In addition, there are lots of experiences that are building customer engagement or customer consumption and it is not about direct selling but will end up generating sales because digital has a triple effect. Creating a game that delights the customer might give a different perspective of the use of your product than simply reading a product description.

This experience will be more appealing to him and will trigger something different that might not have arisen with a direct/normal commerce experience. With this, the customer will then be interested in furthering his research and he will be giving permission to tell him more about the product. With this small piece of engagement, you will then be able to connect and sell the product. This initial approach was not pure commerce but it turned into commerce. In addition, this first connection might have been on mobile, while the final commerce transaction might have occurred on a tablet.

People tend to look at ecommerce as the way to administer a website, while ecommerce is way broader than this. Also ecommerce refers to the transaction, while ecommerce is broader than the transaction. Acquiring customers, delighting customers, making customers return and turning customers to advocates is all part of ecommerce.

Vendredi 6 Mars 2015
Vanina Delobelle
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