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About social networking and LinkedIn

About social networking and LinkedIn
Rediffusion du 29 juin 2006

Following my previous article Social networking: we cannot do without it ! , I would like to go deeper into this subject by approaching the specific case of LikedIn. This is a wonderful tool !

Naina has a blog talking broadly about it.

As I already said, each one applies its own rules to social networking. In our network we certainly have different levels of peole:
L[Those that we know very well for a long time.]l
L[Those that we worked with.]l
L[Those that we never met on face to face but who we knew over phone or mail just because they are in other countries.]l
L[Those that we have in your linkedIn just not to lose their contact details.]l

Therefore, all these levels makes it interesting to use this tool. Unfortunately the application does not yet anable to categorize the contacts.

I personaly like using it and I am not reluctant at sharing my network with others since this is the game. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will get. However, I do not find it fair, those who accept an invitation but who do not share their network (linkedIn enables such behavior). I much more appreciate those who do not accept the invitation rather than accepting and then not sharing. Indeed, not sharing means taking in one side but not giving on the other one and this is not the way social networking is working. I fortunately only have very very few of these people in my network but others have much more. Reciprocity is the word ! That means if they have 50 contacts in they network, they use these 50 contacts’ network without sharing anything ! Isn’t it a selfish attitude !

We should not use LinkedIn to get something. We should just share without idea in mind. The more you share, the more you will get. Maybe not today but one day. Fortunately we know a lot of people some very well, others less but it is always a pleasure getting a mail from one of them saying where they are, what they do, just giving news to preserve the link. We will not do business with all of them but it brings so much meeting everyday new people...

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