Vers un nouveau marketing...(Towards a new marketing approach...)
Mercredi 9 Février 2011
Manpacks is the interesting concept of refill but for men’s underwears. Select your boxers, your socks, your shirts and your shaving and get a shipment any time you need it. It is the concept of an automatic refill that you can find on Mygofer for prescriptions or for consumables, you can find it here for men underwears.
Manpacks: automatic refill of underwears

The interesting thing as well is that it is a very narrow niche that speaks to men and only for men. I believe we could have the same for women for liners, tampons, facial pads, nail remover and so on: something only for girls that help girls in their everyday life without having to think about it and worrying about all these non sexy products.

Mardi 8 Février 2011
Alice enables you to buy directly consumables from the manufacturer. Presumably you should get prices that are more competitive. By doing a quick check on Meijer and on Costco not even sure the prices are so interesting.

Anyhow, I still believe that the advantage should be definitely the price, otherwise what is the real advantage of this site?
Alice: buy direct from manufacturer

What retained my attention is more their registration process. I liked much how they ask you who the members of your family are. An easy question, that is priceless for a retailer and here it seems very easy to give them this information. Depending on how you ask question during registration, customers might be likely to give you much more than you think.
Alice: buy direct from manufacturer

Lundi 7 Février 2011
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Ikea versus Apple
Via: Fixr

After Virtual Model, here is Fits me that helps online be more accurate when it comes to choosing apparels.
Fits me: the virtual fitting room for online retailers

Indeed, apparels are often bought online but I have to admit, that apparels are what I buy the less online simply because I want to know how the product fits me before I buy it and therefore avoid the hurdle of having to return it (as return is not always free).

How a dress or a top fits me is always the question. You might see it on a model on the website, however the model has rarely the same measurements as you. Stuff might look pretty on the site and when you receive them they are horrible or will simply not fit with another cloth you might have in your dressing.

Virtual models are a solution. It is not THE solution as lots of people say that colors do vary on the site and in reality so even with a virtual model they can be disappointed when receiving their order, however I believe it does reduce highly the risk of disappointment.

Earning rewards for buying is definitely trendy. You can earn rewards everywhere for everything you do. You will earn so many rewards that you will be very rich…maybe.
So earn miles to get travels, get rewards against offers, get rewards against coupons,…now get rewards against Facebook credits and spend it for poking your friends and playing into some social games.

The reward is the first of the virtual good: it is the virtual money. As startdoll started few years ago, this is now becoming a must in the industry. People get virtual, buy virtual and spend virtual.

As paypal created this virtual account, Facebook has created a virtual currency leveraging the power of crowds. Therefore, as at Wall Street, the Facebook currency is more attractive than others and some industries are now being built around it. Ifeelgoods is one of them and many will soon come.
Ifeelgoods: rewards…with Facebook this time

Samedi 5 Février 2011
OK not so excited about this site but the concept is not bad. It does targets teens and aims at providing them rewards as they buy.
Lockerz: get rewards for…buying

On lockerz, you can shop, play music, connect with friends and bid. For doing each of those, you will get rewards that you can then redeem.

So encouraging, interesting but when you look at the offers they are not super attractive. Hot deals are not so much deals ($4.90 instead of $5…not sure that even a teen will see this as a deal). The thing is the more you do, the more lockerz points you get that come in addition to the original product deal.

For sure it encourages the customer to do more just to earn rewards. However I believe that the original price not being so interesting is preventing from launching addictive behaviors.

Mercredi 26 Janvier 2011
Web designers vs web developers

Mardi 25 Janvier 2011
Super attractive prices…the perfect asset to attract addicts! Quibids is new and sky rocked recently with the penny auction. You can pennys and win great products. Each auction will cost you $0.60 and you can get an iPad for less than $100. Sure it seems interesting.
Quibids: penny auctions power

Auctions have always been very attractive. For ages, people have been playing this game and it does not seem to become old fashion any time soon. People like to bet and bargain. Great products for small prices, this is the perfect combination for success.

Lundi 24 Janvier 2011

Dimanche 23 Janvier 2011
Two years ago, we were all talking about StackOverflow which was THE new startup for Questions and answers. Since few months, we hear only about Quora. It is the new trend but in term of functionalities it is nothing more than a Q&A site, nothing specially innovative or exciting from a product perspective compared to what other sites are doing.
Quora, the new StackOverflow

So why so much buzz? It got fundings, it is created by ex-facebookers and it is the new thing in the Silicon Valley. In marketing we always say that what is new attract. It is easier to buzz about new companies than about others more known on the market.

Let’s see what this one is going to become. After the flow of novelty, it will become less appealing. I am always annoyed to see how much people can be so crazy about new things even if they have nothing new or better than others existing. Just because it is new it is better. Everybody is talking about Quora but was is their real differentiator compared to Stack Overflow from a product perspective? A different interface, questions appearing as a feed similar to Facebook, but the results are the same: to a question there is an answer.

Let’s see the real value behind the innovations rather than the buzz that is made around. Some start ups really created a difference and these are the ones that will stay in the longer run. Quora might be one of them but for now she is doing a great buzz, let’s now see what really innovative she will develop.

Samedi 22 Janvier 2011

Towards a closed society…is it what we want?
These last days my head is swinging between the idea of closed network and the idea of open network. I see all these plugins in all the sites where we plug Facebook friends here and Facebook friends there and Facebook friends for ever.

Therefore, we are with our friends everywhere and we never get to know much of other people than our friends. This does not really go towards much of openness. Of course, we say that recommendations coming from people we know have more value than others. I would say that studies show so and it is a fact that nobody can really challenge anymore. However, in this new world where we want to stick our friends for all contexts, what kind of door do we leave open to discovery and to novelty?

Seeing my friends everywhere will start to bore me quickly, especially because my friends will never be able to be expert in everything. Moreover, if we consider the Dunbar number and certainly the fact that the true recommendation are coming from less than 30 people on average, all this does not make much sense. My 30 friends cannot have reviewed all the products in the world, read all the books, played all the games or tried on all the clothes. We are in a reality that is no longer meaningful.

Again, let’s compare the online network with what happens in real life. If I go to the mall with my girlfriend, I might ask her opinion about this dress. If I now buy a book, if she never read it, she will have no opinion, I might ask others. If I buy a TV, not sure what my girlfriend who is not very techy will know about which TV is better than the other. I’d rather ask the seller to get more information about the TV. So now why would it be different online? Why my friends would be better at everything? My friends might have opinions on certain things but they are certainly not my reference when it comes to buying most of the products. b[I do care about experts who know what they are talking about and who can recommend me the best product for me.

Also I will never stop saying that my friends on Facebook are not relevant for everything. I might be partying with them or talking about kids during the week-end but it does not mean that I rely on my friends for everything. I have my opinions, I might consult them but it does not mean that I do all what my friends recommend. They will influence…certainly but in order to forge my opinion, I look at many more sources.

Do we want a closed society? Is the real life closed? No! So why would we want to make the internet become so? I am afraid that lately the notions of networks and especially the understanding companies have of the networks is guiding us to a closer system. Being with friends all the time without welcoming foreigners is preventing from moving forward. Richness comes from diversity and openness.

Mardi 18 Janvier 2011
Vendredi 14 Janvier 2011
Xbox in the heart of houses
The Xbox is becoming more and more a central tool. It started a year ago with the games but it became quickly THE TOOL.

I do not have TV at home. Comcast and DirectTV are not part of the tools I am using. If I am not consuming content on my computer, I do it via the Xbox. Movies from Netflix can be downloaded directly on the Xbox, ESPN sports events are available real time. Now also is music. is now available on Xbox.

With the Kinect your true virtual universe is also available. They also introduced Video Kinect for video chat, however I think we are one step away when skype will be available via Xbox.

Also, I can bet that soon Xbox will become much more than only our entertainment media. We will be able to buy products and do shopping directly there as shopping programs are doing. Now TV sets allow you to connect directly to the internet and make your TV be your new screen.

TV programs will go away soon the same way magazines do. The revolution is starting for TV. They will be free and will be consumed via the Internet network directly. Land lines are also disappearing slowly and people have more and more mobile phones replacing the traditional phone at home. Internet is reorganizing our world and certainly areas that were institutions in our life for the past 50 years like TV, phone and magazines.

Jeudi 13 Janvier 2011
After e-commerce, m-commerce, here is the f-commerce. Selling on Facebook is the new way of selling. Brands sell on Facebook (1-800 flowers), retailers find new sales types (Carrefour), customers sell on Facebook (Yardsellr).
The f-commerce

Facebook is a new sales channel for customers and brands to buy and sell. Indeed, the platform offers people and traffic so it is naturally that people consider selling on Facebook.

Is the platform a good one? Some say there is not big traction and for example 1-800 flowers, as the pioneer of the f-commerce, explained some time ago that they were not getting the expected results. Other keep going, because this is the place to be…for the moment. Being on Facebook, even if it does not generate many revenues, it is still a place to have his store front. Same as you will open a store in the 5th Avenue, you have to get one on Facebook when you are a famous brand. Facebook is also a large marketplace with its more than 500 million active users. Where there are people, there is always business to do.

People also now see a way to leverage their networks. They build it couple of years ago, now it is time it gets helpful either in a pull or push transaction, for money or for interest but the user needs to get something out of it. It is not enough anymore to invest time in the tool, it needs to generate value.

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