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Mercredi 16 Novembre 2011
Mercredi 27 Juillet 2011

Vendredi 15 Juillet 2011
Running Girl
Plus de la moitié des courreurs aux US sont des femmes. Le marché de l’habillement pour la course est passé de $275 millions en 2008 à $350 millions en 2010. Voilà donc un secteur en pleine expansion. Courrir est devenu bien plus qu’un sport, c’est devenu un état d’esprit, intégré à part entière dans une journée. Il est donc fréquent que ces dames restent dans leurs habits de course pour emmener leurs enfants à l’école avant d’aller s’entraîner.

Courrir se met donc à la mode et on peut désormais trouver tout un assortiment d’habits très différents: des chaussettes hautes, des jupes, des robes, des manches, des pantalons longs, courts, au niveau du genou, des chaussures de toutes les couleurs, des accessoires pour les cheveux, des vestes…bref il y en a pour toutes.

Les marques surfent donc sur la tendance et offrent des habits de course de plus en plus fashion pour notre plus grand plaisir: Moving comfort; Skirt sports; Pearl Izumi; Lululemon; Runningskirts, Athleta et Nike. See jane run regroupe aussi ces tendances.

Je pense que nous sommes au début de la tendance car tout cela reste encore bien timide et faire des lignes plus colorées, plus variées aves des formes et des couleurs différentes serait bien intéressant. Les mentalités évoluent, les habitudes évoluent et les habits suivent nos envies. Et si une petite skort était une motivation pour nous donner envie de courrir un peu plus, ne serait-ce pas super?

I discovered today Clickthecoup in my city where they were presenting their service as the groupon for the suburbs.
Clickthecoup: the groupon for suburbs

I have to admit, when I go to Groupon, the offers related to my city are just not existing therefore I was very much interested in a service that was serving cities around Chicago.

I was a bit disappointed as there was only one offer and nothing that was interesting to me. They told me they do exist for 6 months reason why maybe they still need to ramp up in term of offers on their site.

These coupons sites are interesting but they are not yet interesting if you do not live downtown big cities therefore there is room for improvements. I look forward Clickthecoup to get more offers in their portfolio.

Samedi 11 Juin 2011
Here you go, Renttherunway is offering you the possibility to rent designer clothes for special occasions at competitive prices.
About renting fashion online

You select your dress, you pay your fee and you receive your dress that you return after the event. What a wonderful idea to impress everybody with your cute Dolce & Gabbana dress at a small price? The renting market for consumer goods and fashion is growing. I presented you in another article Toygaroo for toys, here is now Renttherunway for fashion.
About renting fashion online

Renting clothes is not super new. People used to do this for years but having access on the internet is. I like the idea and it can sometimes save you the hassle to look for weeks for the right dress.

Vendredi 10 Juin 2011
The true word of mouth
Let me tell you a story about how a customer can behave and how a product gets purchased in today’s world. Word of mouth and context are so important to a level that you would not even imagine.

Joe is a gamer. He is playing world of warcraft on an HP computer. The computer is not super powerful and is crashing sometimes. Indeed it is a 2 years old computer. While playing in the evening, Joe is talking live to the other gamers. Via his headset, he is having conversations and he started to ask others which computer they would recommend. He asks one who says Asus. Another one says the same and so on.
Joe then reads some reviews on the web about this computer. He goes to best buy to see if they carry it. Unfortunately they do not have the one he is looking for. He goes on the internet and look for the locations close to his home that do carry this computer. It happens that a small store, 45 minutes from his home, does have the computer. He goes there…and purchases it!

The conclusions are:
  • Customers do ask advice to experts in the internet,
  • Customers do get advice from the places where they are,
  • Customers value reviews,
  • Customers are ready to drive far to find the product they want.

The way customers do enter the purchasing process can come from different places. Networks and communities are definitely at the heart of the new behaviors. People talk about products everywhere and brands advocates can be in places where you would not even imagine.

Vendredi 13 Mai 2011 : l'Empire caché
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Invisible hand is a firefox plug in that provides pricing comparison. When you go on a page and look at a product it is showing you the best price you can find for the same product and where. Interesting to do savings!
Invisible hand: price comparison browser plug in

Jeudi 5 Mai 2011
The Future of Check ins
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Amazon just launched his new private sales site: MyHabit. Now Amazon can go after the Gilt, RueLaLa and HauteLook.
MyHabit: the new private sales site from Amazon

For big retailers like Amazon it makes a lot of sense:
  • They have the inventory,
  • They have the brands,
  • They have the customers.

And they did it the right way because all his customers are enrolled by default. We can also argue whether the market is now too mature for this? Indeed in Europe this concept got launched back in 2001 and in the US, big players are in the place for already 5 years. The game changer could be to add some more engaging elements where people would have access to the same products they have on their site, in exchange to a bigger promotion and make this product more social for a higher engagement of their customers.

Toddy: the ultimate geek stuff
What is this? It is just a piece of fabric to clean up you iPad. You can use it to clean up your computer screen or your mobile phone too.

This is THE gadget. It cleans perfectly, we have to admit! But more than this, it is super hip. This tiny piece of fabric is called Toddy and is a special technology that comes in a fashion transparent pocket with a very neat card…all this for $19!

I could not resist to buy it. Geek I am, geek I stay!

About the use of metrics to build a product
Some people believe that guts are enough to create a product. I would say guts can give the idea and can start the process but it cannot drive it all.

Measurement and testing is part of a product manager role. There is measurement before and measurement after.

Ideas can come from interviews with customers to understand what they need. Once we have the idea, we should validate it. We should validate the idea with competition analysis, with business modeling and with prototyping. Once the idea seems viable, we should present it to customers quickly via prototypes and keep refining it till it reaches an acceptable level and that ROI metrics are satisfactory. A/B testing should be also a mean to test ideas and to validate a concept towards another one.

We should keep monitoring and monitoring. Metrics will help the product manager redirect the product and understand some elements that might not be visible immediately. There are many tools to measure sites. Whether it is traffic metrics, heat maps, satisfaction metrics, opinion metrics, sentiment metrics and many others, the product manager should use them all depending on the questions he is willing to answer. Measuring is covering qualitative data and quantitative data. The key is to set the right KPIs and to readjust them with the learning we get.

Analytics do not lie. It adds some more time to the process but it is also the better way to make sure we are right. Creating a product without metrics it is like navigating a boat without compass.

Lundi 25 Avril 2011
As you will do window shopping in your favorite mall over the week-end, you can now do it on Facebook. You have your luggage stores, the shoes ones, the fashion ones and all the others. You click there you can see all of them and just go and visit them and make your purchase directly in Facebook. This is the f-commerce that I discussed in a previous article.
The Facebook Shopping Mall

The interesting point is that all the vendors are centralized and it is really offering a virtual mall experience. We can think that each mall could represent themselves directly in Facebook and with the benefit of the geolocalization and Facebook places we could then push to you the closest mall. You could them buy the same online as you could find next door. This would offer a true online/offline experience.

Samedi 23 Avril 2011

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