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Vendredi 22 Avril 2011

Link: Talking Tom Cat for iPad review

This is a really cool app. Super funny and moreover Tom speaks all languages!

Jeudi 21 Avril 2011

Mercredi 20 Avril 2011
The art of adjusting to market
Darwin said ‘’It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.’’ In business this is so true, especially for start ups, especially for innovation.

One needs to adjust to continue building what makes sense to the market. Seesmic is a very good example of these companies who thrive to adjust. Started as a social video sharing service, it is now a collection of social tools to build brands online (a big cloud). What I learn about this is that the company has been thriving to build on top of one idea to make it every day more compelling. They did not throw out technology, they used it for a different purpose.

Big ideas are not necessarily the same as the original idea. It evolves. However, some tend to take one idea, to try it, to throw it and to start over. It can be a solution when there is no use. But within each idea there is another idea that can help build a 3rd one and this is innovation. I am concerned about some persistence in some ideas. De Gaulle said ‘’Genius sometimes consists of knowing when to stop.’’ This is true for people, this is true for ideas. Building an idea is not about constantly refining an experience only. It is also being able to step back and to analyze if the idea, in the current format, is the solution we want to continue pursuing.

The rush for winning against competition, the rush for getting to the right idea is not always the best solution. There is no secret, only work, tangible analysis and refinement. This is how the world got built.

Mardi 19 Avril 2011
Those who read me for 7 years now, know that I like products and I sometimes present original products that caught my eye. This is one of them. I discovered this product yesterday on Kaboodle and it immediately make me think.

These shoes from Acrimony show a lot of thinking. Not open, not closed and super classy, they are pure design. It is disruption with intelligence and this is what makes the best of the best.
This is shoes design!

2 years ago, we were trying to apply web experience to mobile. Today mobile is influencing the way we are browsing on the internet.

This is the revolution. We are today using different supports and spending a lot of time browsing on our mobile and playing with our iPad. Our hands and our brains get used to different concepts that become part of our lives. When we then go back to the web, we are stamped with those changes and we need to find these behaviors again.
What does iPad bring to web design?

What does it mean for online?
  • Horizontal and vertical browsing
  • Imagery
  • Streamlined experience
  • Infinite scrolling

I also see that applications that used to be extremely simple (was a on the go use so could not be too complicated) are getting a need to be fancier. When the user is using some iPad applications and that he is limited in the actions he is doing, it is extremely frustrating for him. On the other side, when some behaviors are established on the internet, he is expecting to find the same on the iPad app. With increased size of the devices, the experience is getting aligned across all the supports.

Designing an application on the web and on an iPad will get closer and closer.
More simplicity will emerge in the web and more featured will be introduced on the tablets. A tablet is no longer a reading device, you want to do something on it. Giving an easier view of what your website is offering is no longer the answer. The customer wants to interact. On the other hand, limiting the web to some ‘’traditional’’ concepts of user experience cannot longer be viable.

I like very much this convergence in term of experience that is going to offer much more richness to how we are consuming our content.

Dimanche 17 Avril 2011
Who else than a mom could have invented such a concept? Super social, super convenient, super idea.

Toygaroo is a community of parents who are sharing a pool of toys. Because our kids are growing so fast and that toys are changing so often, renting might be the solution. The company offers a selection of 300 toys for 0-6 years old kids. You select the toys and you receive it at home for the time you want, you then send them back and receive new ones. The toys are all sanitized and are shipped to you in a cellophane plastic.
Social and Toys = Toygaroo

Research has shown that parents will spend minimum $800 in toys when kids are young. With the proposed it amounts to $500 per year so the benefit is interesting.

The concept of sharing is just so easier. I am a big fan of libraries for example. I spend my WE there where I can select books take then, read them and return them and take others. My pool of possibilities is therefore bigger and I do not take any risk at buying something I would not like to keep.

This concept is the same. You try it, you use it and you return it.

Samedi 2 Avril 2011

Dimanche 13 Mars 2011
Jeudi 10 Février 2011
For Valentine, we are always looking for THE idea. This small thing that will make the difference and that will be special enough to offer. It does not need to be expensive, it only needs to be special. Hearts, red, these are two important assets, then…up to you to find what goes with it.
A gift for Valentine day

I found Giant fortune cookies. What a perfect idea! I am sure not everybody will think about this and you are sure to create the surprise. A giant cookie with a personalized message created by Fancy Fortune Cookies. To me a great idea !

Mercredi 9 Février 2011
Manpacks is the interesting concept of refill but for men’s underwears. Select your boxers, your socks, your shirts and your shaving and get a shipment any time you need it. It is the concept of an automatic refill that you can find on Mygofer for prescriptions or for consumables, you can find it here for men underwears.
Manpacks: automatic refill of underwears

The interesting thing as well is that it is a very narrow niche that speaks to men and only for men. I believe we could have the same for women for liners, tampons, facial pads, nail remover and so on: something only for girls that help girls in their everyday life without having to think about it and worrying about all these non sexy products.

Mardi 8 Février 2011
Alice enables you to buy directly consumables from the manufacturer. Presumably you should get prices that are more competitive. By doing a quick check on Meijer and on Costco not even sure the prices are so interesting.

Anyhow, I still believe that the advantage should be definitely the price, otherwise what is the real advantage of this site?
Alice: buy direct from manufacturer

What retained my attention is more their registration process. I liked much how they ask you who the members of your family are. An easy question, that is priceless for a retailer and here it seems very easy to give them this information. Depending on how you ask question during registration, customers might be likely to give you much more than you think.
Alice: buy direct from manufacturer

Lundi 7 Février 2011
Click the image to enlarge
Ikea versus Apple
Via: Fixr

After Virtual Model, here is Fits me that helps online be more accurate when it comes to choosing apparels.
Fits me: the virtual fitting room for online retailers

Indeed, apparels are often bought online but I have to admit, that apparels are what I buy the less online simply because I want to know how the product fits me before I buy it and therefore avoid the hurdle of having to return it (as return is not always free).

How a dress or a top fits me is always the question. You might see it on a model on the website, however the model has rarely the same measurements as you. Stuff might look pretty on the site and when you receive them they are horrible or will simply not fit with another cloth you might have in your dressing.

Virtual models are a solution. It is not THE solution as lots of people say that colors do vary on the site and in reality so even with a virtual model they can be disappointed when receiving their order, however I believe it does reduce highly the risk of disappointment.

Earning rewards for buying is definitely trendy. You can earn rewards everywhere for everything you do. You will earn so many rewards that you will be very rich…maybe.
So earn miles to get travels, get rewards against offers, get rewards against coupons,…now get rewards against Facebook credits and spend it for poking your friends and playing into some social games.

The reward is the first of the virtual good: it is the virtual money. As startdoll started few years ago, this is now becoming a must in the industry. People get virtual, buy virtual and spend virtual.

As paypal created this virtual account, Facebook has created a virtual currency leveraging the power of crowds. Therefore, as at Wall Street, the Facebook currency is more attractive than others and some industries are now being built around it. Ifeelgoods is one of them and many will soon come.
Ifeelgoods: rewards…with Facebook this time

Samedi 5 Février 2011
OK not so excited about this site but the concept is not bad. It does targets teens and aims at providing them rewards as they buy.
Lockerz: get rewards for…buying

On lockerz, you can shop, play music, connect with friends and bid. For doing each of those, you will get rewards that you can then redeem.

So encouraging, interesting but when you look at the offers they are not super attractive. Hot deals are not so much deals ($4.90 instead of $5…not sure that even a teen will see this as a deal). The thing is the more you do, the more lockerz points you get that come in addition to the original product deal.

For sure it encourages the customer to do more just to earn rewards. However I believe that the original price not being so interesting is preventing from launching addictive behaviors.

Mercredi 26 Janvier 2011
Web designers vs web developers

Mardi 25 Janvier 2011
Super attractive prices…the perfect asset to attract addicts! Quibids is new and sky rocked recently with the penny auction. You can pennys and win great products. Each auction will cost you $0.60 and you can get an iPad for less than $100. Sure it seems interesting.
Quibids: penny auctions power

Auctions have always been very attractive. For ages, people have been playing this game and it does not seem to become old fashion any time soon. People like to bet and bargain. Great products for small prices, this is the perfect combination for success.

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